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Thickened Snake Shaped Curtain Track Aluminum Alloy Slide Curtain Track

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Model Number: Monorail, incl. ceiling fittings/white, 55"
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Fifty.
Price: $5.55 per meter
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 300000 inches.
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Detail Information

Features: Smooth, Durable, Easy To Install Shape: Straight
Application: Home, Office, Hotel Color: White
Installation Method: Wall Mounted Material: Aluminum Alloy
Name: Curtain Rail Track Package Includes: Track, Brackets, Accessories

Aluminum Alloy Slide Curtain Track


Thickened Snake Shaped Curtain Track


Snake Shaped Slide Curtain Track

Product Description

New Thickened Snake-Shaped Curtain With Track Aluminum Alloy Thickened S-Shaped Slide Curtain Track

Snake curtains are also called water wave curtains, which are named after their shape like a snake wave!
Snake-shaped curtains were first popular abroad, and now more and more people are making snake-shaped curtains in China.

The difference between snake curtains and ordinary curtains lies in the way the tracks and curtains are processed. Snake curtains need to use special snake curtain tracks, and the curtains need to be sewn with special cloth bags.
The distance between bag buckles is the same. The spacing between wire beads within the track is also the same.
Snake curtains are very suitable for the currently popular minimalist style and wabi-sabi style, allowing the curtains to blend into the background cleverly without being obtrusive.
Friends who are sensitive to sound can choose a snake curtain track with built-in silent strips
Snake curtains can not only be surface-mounted but also embedded, and can also be made into electric snake curtains. It can be said that the current snake curtains are much better than ordinary curtains.



Thickened Snake Shaped Curtain Track Aluminum Alloy Slide Curtain Track 0




Service Feature Description
Unique Shape Snake curtains, also known as water wave curtains, are named after their snake-like wave shape. They have gained popularity both abroad and in China, with an increasing number of people opting for snake-shaped curtains.
Specialized Processing Snake curtains require special snake curtain tracks and specially sewn cloth bags for the curtains. The bag buckles are evenly spaced, and the wire beads within the track are also evenly spaced. This specialized processing sets snake curtains apart from ordinary curtains.
Versatile Style Snake curtains are particularly suitable for minimalist and wabi-sabi styles, allowing them to blend seamlessly into the background without being obtrusive. Additionally, for those sensitive to sound, snake curtain tracks with built-in silent strips are available as an option.
Flexible Mounting Options Snake curtains can be surface-mounted or embedded, offering flexibility in installation. They can also be customized into electric snake curtains, providing added convenience and functionality. Overall, snake curtains offer significant advantages compared to ordinary curtains.


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