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Adjustable Strap Multiple Pockets Second Hand Bags Luxury Preloved Bags

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: mixed load
Model Number: lady's satchel rucksacks
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 pairs
Price: $13.96 a pair
Packaging Details: Mixed bag 25-30 pair
Supply Ability: 1000 pairs 12-15sky
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Detail Information

Closure: Zipper Strap Type: Adjustable Strap
Weight: One Kilogram Or So Interior: Multiple Pockets
Brand: Second Hand Luxury Bags

Multiple Pockets second hand bags luxury


Adjustable Strap second hand bags luxury


Multiple Pockets luxury preloved bags

Product Description

Multi-compartment leather branded handbags in various colors





Used international brand bags have a rich variety of styles to choose from

Wallet: Wallets are small bags used to store currency, credit cards and small items. Used international brand wallets often feature sophisticated designs and multiple compartments that provide organization and protection for personal items.

Sports Bag: Sports bags are bags designed for sports and fitness activities, often featuring waterproof materials and multiple compartments to hold sneakers, water bottles, towels, and other items.

Backpack: A backpack is a two-shoulder bag that provides a more balanced weight distribution and comfortable experience. Used international brand backpacks often feature stylish designs and multiple storage compartments for daily use and travel.




Adjustable Strap Multiple Pockets Second Hand Bags Luxury Preloved Bags 0






Features Description
Diverse Range of Color Options Pre-owned bags offer a wide selection of colors to cater to individual preferences. Whether it's classic black or brown, or trendy red, blue, pink, and more, consumers can choose the color that suits their personal style and needs. Different colors of bags can add a pop of color to the overall outfit, showcasing individuality and fashion sense.
Varied Material Choices Pre-owned bags also come in various materials such as leather, nylon, canvas, and more. Each material has its own characteristics and style, catering to different preferences for texture and appearance. Leather materials often exude a high-end and luxurious feel, while nylon and canvas offer lightweight and practical options. Different materials suit different occasions and style needs.
Unique Design Style and Details Each brand and bag has its unique design style and details. Pre-owned bags carry forward the original brand's design aesthetics, featuring unique patterns, embellishments, iconic details, and specific shapes and design elements. Whether it's classic, trendy, luxurious, or personalized, each brand offers a rich range of style choices for consumers. The intricate design details of the bags also emphasize quality and visual appeal, making them standout fashion accessories.
Practical and Versatile Bags are typically designed with practicality and versatility in mind. They often have multiple compartments, pockets, and organizational sections, providing ample storage space and convenient organization. They can accommodate daily essentials such as wallets, phones, keys, cosmetics, and more. Some bags come with adjustable shoulder straps, handles, or crossbody straps to adapt to different carrying styles and occasions. Pre-owned bags offer practical functionality and convenience, whether for everyday use or special occasions.
Affordable Pre-owned bags usually come at a more affordable price compared to brand-new bags. Purchasing pre-owned bags allows cost savings while still obtaining high-quality products. For consumers who aspire to own branded bags but have a limited budget, pre-owned bags are an ideal choice. Additionally, buying pre-owned bags also contributes to reducing resource waste and environmental impact, promoting sustainability

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